3 Must Haves for the Perfect Walk-In Tub

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Four Common Misconceptions About Walk-In Tubs
December 10, 2019
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Walk in bath tub with hydrotherapy jets

Are you looking for a walk-in tub but are unsure of what features yours should include? From manufacturing standards to therapeutic and safety features, there are many parts of a walk-in tub to consider when you are purchasing yours. Here are 3 must-haves for the perfect walk-in tub.

Safety features

Your bathroom should be a source of calmness, and not fright. When choosing your walk-in tub you want to ensure the door stays closed and is water-tight. Having an automatic lock feature means you’ll never accidentally open the door while in use.

Manufacturing standards

Your walk-in tub should be constructed with the best quality materials. We recommend choosing a walk-in tub made from acrylic, reinforced with fibreglass and built on a stainless steel frame. This will ensure that you are safe in your tub for years to come. Another manufacturing standard to watch for is a high-flow tap and quick drain. These two standards make filling up your tub as quick as letting it drain.

Therapeutic Features

A walk-in bathtub experience should be relaxing and therapeutic. Here are our top 3 therapeutic features to include in your walk-in tub

  1. Heated seats are a gentle, therapeutic warmth at the press of a button. The soothing heat keeps you warm throughout your bath and relaxes aching muscles.
  2. Hydrotherapy is a way to provide pain relief and treatment through the water. Look for a system that has a variety of massage power settings to fit your preference.
  3. Aromatherapy is a relaxing way to stimulate and reinforce our bodies’ natural defences by inducing a state of relaxation and general well-being through scents.

Whether you are a senior or have mobility challenges; Safe Bathing Canada walk-in tubs are complete with features to keep you safe and comfortable! We understand the risks that come with a regular bathtub, which is why we created walk-in bathtubs with the safety of seniors or those with mobility challenges in mind. Safe Bathing is proud to offer unique and industry-leading features that will improve the overall bathing experience. Download your free Safe Bathing product information kit today.