Safety and accessibility hold paramount importance in every aspect of daily life at Safe Bathing Canada—especially when it concerns bathing. As a kinetic provider of safe bathing solutions, we are committed to ensuring that individuals of all ages and abilities have access to bathing products. Our products are designed to prioritize well-being and independence.

Who We Are

Our team of experts at Safe Bathing Canada is passionate about improving the lives of Canadians. We reside at the forefront of advocating for safe bathing practices; we offer innovative solutions to address the unique challenges faced by individuals with mobility issues or disabilities.

Commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction propel everything we do. This covers product design and development, customer support, and after-sales service.

Mission Statement

At Safe Bathing Canada our ethos is straightforward but deep: Empowering individuals to bathe safely, independently, and dignifiedly. The belief that permeates our company is that every individual merits the opportunity to savour the rejuvenation of a peaceful bath. This should be done without risking their safety or compromising their mobility.

We innovate with our walk-in bathtub solutions. We show unshakeable dedication to the satisfaction of our clients. We aspire to bring this mission to fruition for every Canadian.

Our Commitment

A steadfast commitment to walk-in bathtub safety sits at the heart of our mission. We perceive the significant risks posed by traditional bathtubs. These risks are particularly relevant for senior citizens and those with mobility issues. Slippery surfaces, high thresholds, and constricting spaces contribute to hazardous conditions. These conditions can result in slips and falls, culminating in injuries.

Safe Bathing Canada prioritizes safety above all else in our walk-in bathtubs. We meticulously design our walk-in tubs with safety features for users of all ages and abilities. Our tubs feature a low threshold and built-in handrails. On top of that, we offer non-slip flooring and ergonomic seating. Each aspect of our bathtubs is steeped in safety-first engineering principles.

However, our dedication to walk-in bathtub safety extends beyond the design aspect. We also provide all-inclusive installation services that trained professionals execute. They ensure every tub is installed correctly and meets all safety norms. In addition, our team delivers continuous support and advice. This ongoing help includes guidance on upkeep tips and enhancing accessibility, allowing our clients to maximize their walk-in bathtub experience. 

At Safe Bathing Canada we stand by the belief that every person merits safe, self-reliant bathing. We prioritize the safety of walk-in bathtubs and offer creative solutions. These solutions cater to the varying needs of our clients. We relish being a reliable ally for the encouragement of health and autonomy throughout Canada.

Our Values

At Safe Bathing Canada our values underpin all our actions. Safety, accessibility, and dignity don’t just constitute words for us; they are the guiding pillars that contour every decision we render. They also shape our every interaction with clients.


At Safe Bathing Canada we hold dual passions: Our fervour for safety in walk-in bathtubs equals our commitment to customer satisfaction and wellness. Concentrating on safety, accessibility, and honour, we take pride in providing innovative bathing resolutions. Such solutions help individuals bathe safely and independently, instilling confidence and ease.

As we forge ahead in pioneering safe bathing practices across Canada, our commitment to our mission never wavers: Making the bathing experience joyful and invigorating for all.

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