5 Important Things to Know When Taking a Cold Shower in the Walk-in Tub

7 Tips for Maintaining a Walk in Tub
December 3, 2018
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December 10, 2019
7 Tips for Maintaining a Walk in Tub
December 3, 2018
Hand draw question marks with young woman looking upwards on a gray background
Four Common Misconceptions About Walk-In Tubs
December 10, 2019
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Taking a cold shower offers enormous benefits. In fact, feeling a cold shower pour down your body can be terrifying especially in the morning but the effects on the body are huge.

This is true especially for the elderly who uses the walk-in tub more often.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, a Natural Health Expert, “as cold water hits the body, its ability to get blood circulating leads the arteries to more efficiently pump blood. This, in turn, helps to boost our overall heart health.”

Truly, a walk-in tub is the perfect solution for people who find it hard to get into the usual bathtubs. Lifting their feet to get into the tub is hard and this forces them to rely on others to get them into the tub.

With the walk-in tubs, this is no longer an issue. This tub has a door that can be opened and the bather steps into the tub as though they were just making another step when walking.

This makes this tub perfect for people who are disabled and the elderly who want to be independent when bathing. They are able to easily get into the tub and take their bath.

The walk-in tubs can be used to take cold or warm baths depending on what one prefers.

In this article, let’s consider what you need to know when taking a cold shower in the walk-in tub.


1. Understand how a walk-in tub works


It’s important to understand how these tubs work before getting in there and trying to get a shower. This knowledge will help you avoid making any mistakes.

The tub comes with a doorway that is as near to the floor as possible. Even if one can hardly lift his or her foot, he or she will find it easy to get into the bath. Once you get into the bathtub, there will be a seat where you can settle down first.

Although the actual looks and features of the walk-in tub you have will vary from one manufacturer to the other, what we will look at here are the basics.

The walk-in bathtub is fitted with a sealable door. You need to walk-in to the tub and then close the door well. Ensure that it’s well-sealed to avoid any leaks.

For most tubs, the sealing process is really easy and only requires minimal efforts.

When the door is fully sealed, you can now enjoy your cold shower just how you like it. When done with your shower, allow the water in the tub to drain completely, open the door and walk out.

It’s that easy!


2. Ensure safety by using the safety feature on the tub


A good walk-in tub will have many safety features that users need to be aware of and use them as needed. One safety feature that’s very useful and should be considered when buying a walk-in tub is a non-slip floor.

The seat should also be contoured. This prevents slipping and falling as you bathe.

Make use of the handrails when getting into and out of the tub.

This gives you more stability and you will be able to safely get into the tub. When holding onto the rails, do ensure that your hands are dry to avoid sliding.

Safety features are important and it’s important to note that they are there to help you.

Do make use of them and be very careful in the bathroom. Many falls occur in the bathroom every year and they can cause permanent damage.


3. Install and use an adjustable shower


A cold shower on a hot day is very refreshing. Instead of having a fixed shower installed above the walk-in tub, it’s a good idea to have an adjustable shower installed.

This is able to move from its location and you can easily move it all over the body so it pours water on the part of the body you want.

The pipe connected to this moveable shower head should be light in weight and flexible so you can have fun when taking your shower. Why opt for the adjustable shower?

It’s easy to control and move around. Instead of you moving around like you would have to with a fixed shower, you just use your hand to move the shower head and you can clean yourself up with very little effort.

Also, consider getting a shower that not only gives cold water but also warm and hot baths.

This is perfect because there are times when it’s so cold out there you may need a warm bath rather than a cold one. When choosing the shower, versatility is key!


4. Know how to avoid flooding


The last thing you want to do is flood the bathroom. Since the walk-in tub has a door that runs from the tub’s top to its bottom, the chances of flooding are high.

It’s important to ensure that there is no water in the tub before opening the door.

When you get into the tub, seal the door well before turning the shower on. As the water slowly rises in the tub, check that it’s not leaking at the bottom parts of the door. When sure that there are no leaks you can enjoy having your shower.

Remember not to let the water overflow. Turn the tap off as soon as the water reaches the level you want.

If you need a soak, consider the amount of water your body will displace when determining what level of water to allow.

Before getting out of the walk-in bathtub, ensure that all the water in the tub drains. You do not want to open the door only to let the water out.

Remember that water flooding in the bathroom is not only annoying but is also a health risk with increased chances of slipping and falling that can cause injuries.


5. Be wary of deep water depth


Unlike traditional bathtubs that tend to have short heights, walk-in tubs are tall since there’s no need to lift the leg when getting in. This means that the tub has a high water capacity.

The water levels can be really high and while this may be good for fun, it may also be dangerous.

Fill the tub with cold water and you can enjoy that cool feeling of being in a swimming pool right on your tub. Only do this if you are sure you can handle it.

When you do, make use of the headrest, seat, and handrails to keep the head above water. Even when enjoying the luxurious features the tub may come with, remember to remain safe and always have your head above the water surface.

The last thing you want is to drown during your bath. Be very careful as you relax in the tub before or after your shower.




Taking a cold shower in the walk-in tub is easy and fast.

However, it’s important for the users to adhere to the safety regulations for them to enjoy their time in the shower.

With this tub in your house, everyone in the house can have a shower independently. Even people with limited mobility can enjoy having a cold shower at any time they want without needing assistance.

All one needs is to be cautious and they can even have fun in this tub. With the above information, you will find it easy to use a walk-in tub and do so safely.

Remember that this kind of tub is not just for the elderly and the physically challenged. It may also be used by other people and soon you will see that this is a good kind of tub.

It’s deeper and gives more room for that much-needed dip in the tub.

It’s fitted with safety features that keep all users safe while some have self-cleaning features which make it easy to keep the tub clean. Get a walk-in tub today and enjoy a nice cold shower in a tub that’s convenient and safe.