How to Make a Small Bathroom with a Walk-In Tub Look Bigger

How to Fit a Walk-in Tub Into Your Small Bathroom
September 18, 2018
7 Tips for Maintaining a Walk in Tub
December 3, 2018
How to Fit a Walk-in Tub Into Your Small Bathroom
September 18, 2018
7 Tips for Maintaining a Walk in Tub
December 3, 2018
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If you don’t have the luxury of a custom-built house, then you’re probably having the “small bathroom” issues.

Even worse, your walk-in tub is taking most of the space in the bathroom and making it look even smaller.

You have no plans of expanding the bathroom due to costs involved and probably no space to steal from the neighboring rooms. So, the only option left is to brainstorm some ways of making it look bigger while still small and beautiful.

If you’re in the above situation, then you are in the right place.

In this article, you will learn some clever tricks that will help make your small bathroom look bigger even with the walk-in tub still in the room. These tricks will not involve any major remodeling — but, your bathroom will feel more open.

Try the following tricks and they will work magic for your bathroom:


1. Use light colors on your bathroom walls


Light colors such as white pastel and beige will give your bathroom a more soothing and open look. Avoid dull painting like black and gray as they will make your bathroom feel closed-in and dull too.

You don’t need to repaint your bathroom walls. A wallpaper is good as well. Get a wallpaper with a bright color background. Go for a calming design too.


2. Tone up everything in the bathroom


Let everything in your bathroom be of similar tone. What this means is, don’t have a variety of colors in your bathroom. For example, the walls should not be light with the tiles dark. This will make the room seem smaller than it already is.

It is understandable that you might want some contrast in your bathroom. In such a case, let your walk-in tub be the only object that stands out with a different color.

Everything else in the bathroom will recede and the tub will add more beauty and warmth to the room.

When everything else in the room recedes or rather blend in, the bathroom will look and feel bigger — just the way you wanted it.


3. A smaller vanity


A large vanity might look fancier but for what? If you don’t need all that space for storage, then get a smaller vanity.

This will open up your bathroom and make it feel less stuffed. If you still want the room looking even bigger, you can have your walk-in tub next to the vanity which will get you to appreciate the ‘created space’ even more.

Having a vanity that’s round in shape would be a great idea. This will not only save your hips from the sharp vanity corners but also create more space for your bathroom.

Float your vanity to create space on the floor. Just seeing the floor free from anything can create the illusion of a bigger room.


4. A glass panel


It’s time to let go of the curtains for a bigger looking bathroom. If you want privacy and a bigger bathroom you should try a glass panel.

Cover the square footage of your walk-in tub with a tinted or frosted glass panel. The glass panel will allow more light into the room giving it a bigger look.


5. Tiling illusion


You can give your floor an illusion of a large space by using plain bright colored tiles. As you get the plain colors, also ensure that the tiles are large and not small. Why is that?

That’s because the many lines in between the tiles will give the room a smaller look.

On the other hand, large plain tiles will have fewer grouting lines and thus making the bathroom look spacious. The tiles should be plain because tiles with busy patterns will have a smaller looking effect.

Use large plain tiles if you intend to have your walls tiled. Matching the floor tiles with the wall tiles is good for creating an illusion of a large space.

If you don’t intend to use the same tiles on the walls and floor, then at least ensure they are of the same shade.


6. Reduce furniture


Other than your walk-in tub, what else do you need sticking out in your bathroom? Cut out every furniture that sticks out in your bathroom and isn’t essential.

It doesn’t matter how small the furniture looks but every time you set your eyes on them, the room will seem to be smaller.

Start by removing any unnecessary things hanging on the bathroom walls such as decorative accessories. The hanging racks and wall shelves need to be removed too for a bigger looking bathroom.


7. Install large mirrors


Large mirrors will work the magic of making your bathroom look double its size. You might be thinking to yourself a large mirror will cost you so much. Well, it might.

But look at it this way; the cost of tiling that certain wall will cost you almost the same amount.

Don’t be afraid to splurge on the mirror. Get the largest size your walls can stand.

You can decide to install the mirror wall to the wall if you like it; the better actually. Get a mirror with fancy frames or customize your own to tone up with the room. The mirror will reflect all the light and colors in the bathroom giving it a bigger look.


8. Bright lighting


Bright lights make any room look bigger. The bathroom already has natural light coming in but having bright light applied to it will make the room feel open and more spacious.

Other than making the bathroom look bigger, bright lights are important for activities such as shaving and makeup.

A good lighting scheme could be all you need to get that big bathroom illusion. Also, ensure that the sources of lighting are strategically placed in different locations such that they do not create any shadowing.


9. Capture a corner


Having your walk-in tub almost in the middle of the bathroom might look fancy, but this will only eat up all the space in the room.

Having your tub at the corner of the room will leave more space in the room.

Once the tub is at the corner, you can install a glass door instead of a curtain.

Being able to see throughout the room will give you a feeling of being in a more spacious room. Glass door will allow more light in the room and thus a more open feeling.


10. Install a skylight


Artificial lights can make a room feel more spacious, but not as much as natural lights can do.

Natural light will give your bathroom the feeling of being open and spacious. Solar tubes are good as skylights when it comes to bringing natural light in a room.


11. Install a pedestal sink


You might be thinking, but the cabinet sink is only occupying a little space of the bathroom!

Wait until you remove it, that’s when you figure out how much space it was eating up.

A pedestal sink frees the floor which will go a long way to giving the room a bigger look.


12. Make your bathroom less cluttered


Having your bathroom clean and organized will give it a bigger look compared to when it’s dirty with things all over. Take some time to clean your bathroom and put back everything where it’s supposed to be.

Place all your bathroom items on the vanity or shelves other than having them scattered all over the floor.

It does not matter what size your walk-in tub is, your bathroom will look bigger and more opened up.




Since most people don’t have the luxury to own a large bathroom with walk-in tubs and other facilities all in one place, making the available bathroom spacious, beautiful, and organized is the best alternative.

Everything from the bathroom schemes to paint colors to bathroom flooring to lighting is critical.

Using the proven tips in this article will help you make the most of the small bathroom you already have.

All in all, make sure no object, lighting, or color obstructs you from enjoying your walk-in tab. After all, it can make a statement and prevent you from falling in the bathroom.